Planting Seeds

As our Fall Holiday issue 2015 hits the street today, I have had some really interesting feed back on our cover!  Most people, regardless of age, give two thumbs up and grab 2-3 issues and then ask: “How did you make the cover? I love it!”It’s a visual that has been in my minds eye for about year now.  But, first we had to make some changes as our original publishing group made some really great changes in SND-cover-SM-7-15professional advancements and we wish them all the best—always enjoy hearing their continued feedback.   We made some changes last winter/spring:  1) we altered our name to Nantucket Sound Magazine, 2) we  added new blood to our core group and our content partners, 3) added digital publishing. It’s all good!  Once we had clear direction on business development, we could finally get back to journalism and great design.Tower-blog

Back to the cover design
…   The clock tower that you see was originally photographed by my old friend Jack Weinhold.  We go way back from when I first started making my presence know
as a graphic designer in the early 90’s.  Jack shot this building on a sunny day pulling up fantastic detail (all before HD).  I had to experiment with the tone and color to match it up with the color in the clouds, while keeping it daylight.  The sky is common during September and October on Nantucket, that I
photographed this last year.  Our snowy owl in the foreground is a stock image that we silhouetted and ran some PSD (photoshop) filters to give him effects to simulate motion, and the snow… well that took the longest.  I was attempting to capture the visual effect of when the snow just starts to fall.  There were a number of drafts on that one.  I hope you like this issue and check our new holiday catalog towards the back of the magazine.  Great shopping to done!



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