It Takes The Sound to Raise ‘The Sound’

One month ago (today, actually!) on Tuesday, June 25th, The Sound Magazine hosted a kick-off party & reception at the Nantucket Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum. What a beautiful spot! I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never been there but will definitely be going back when I have the time to really enjoy everything that is there. It’s the perfect place to learn about Nantucket’s maritime history “featuring over 5,000 objects from famous shipwrecks & lifesaving equipment used to save seafarers in trouble.” If you have a family, they have family-friendly programs & hands-on activities for the kids too.

We arrived early to set up & with the gracious support of Bartlett’s Farm & Cisco Brewers, we had plenty of food & drink! There was great support from advertisers, writers, photographers & the community. It was wonderful to have representation from the Cape, including Stephanie Murphy from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (who is an affiliate of The Sound Magazine) & yes, even folks from Martha’s Vineyard! (I’m pretty sure the biggest oohs & aahs were when they were introduced.)

I wish I could’ve spent time with everyone, but was grateful to have spent quality time talking with some really amazing people. Betsy Corsiglia, for instance, who to me is just about the most famous photographer on Martha’s Vineyard. Interestingly enough, after 25 years of photography, Betsy went back to school to pursue her life-long passion in the field of nutrition. She recently earned her Master of Science degree and national certification in nutrition. We’re happy to welcome Betsy to The Sound as a writer who will help keep us healthy!

I also had the distinct pleasure of meeting Dr. Michael West, who is a world-renowned astronomer now working with the Maria Mitchell Association on Nantucket.  He was so incredibly interesting to talk to you, yet made jokes about how he was a typical scientist, with a lack of social skills…but I begged to differ. He is working with The Sound Magazine on an article for the mid-Summer issue on the stars & whales – can whales see the stars & do they use them to navigate through the oceans?

Today is a very important Sound Magazine day, in that our next issue, the mid-Summer issue is off to press! We invite you to check it out & let us know what you think. With a truly remarkable story of a photographer from Nantucket & a doctor from Cape Cod on a surgical mission in Ecuador, to the aforementioned story from Dr. Michael West, to a story by Peter Brace about coastal erosion on the Cape & Islands & the arduous task of having to move some of our beloved lighthouses. Look for the next issue soon on the Hy-Line fleet as well as select locations on the Cape, Nantucket & Martha’s Vineyard!

See you ’round The Sound!

I know that you’re all DYING to see the photographic evidence of the kick-off party, so here you go! (Photos courtesy of Betsy Rich)

Sound Kick-Off Party   Sound Kick-Off Party Sound Kick-Off Party     Sound Kick-Off Party Sound Kick-Off PartySound Kick-Off Party      Sound Kick-Off Party Sound Kick-Off Party

Sound Kick-Off PartySound Kick-Off Party


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